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Proof of Value.

Short and intensive projects to research and prove analytics opportunities.  Time boxed with a clear target of identifying multiple value-adding use cases and uncovering the obstacles which prevent success.  We build a micro prototype of the end solution to prove and demonstrate tangible value.

Pragmatic Projects.

Relentless focus on value with the perfect blend of deep experience in intelligence, the latest data science techniques and your most talented high-potential team members.

As our goal is to leave your organisation with a lasting capability of data mastery, we engage with your teams on a roadmap of interventions to bring them the inspiration, knowledge and capabilities to continue improving.

Data Experts.

Enhance and enrich your team with data expertise available from our partner, Brunel.

Highly talented and flexible, the experts available from Brunel have access to the Pretty Good Academy.  Flexible staffing allows you to scale up your capacity quickly while determining where to focus your long term investments.

Talent available include: Data Scientists, Data Analysts, DevOps Engineers, Architects, Privacy and Security Experts, and more.

Data Science.

Working closely with your content matter experts, we quickly evaluate the possible use cases to determine if there is justification for further investment.

We use the latest data science techniques and solutions to explore and experiment to discover innovative insights and possibilities within your data.

Combine any data source, such as Open Source Intelligence and your existing internal data for maximum accuracy and impact.

Pretty Good Academy.

The Academy combines the strength and scale of Brunel with the techniques and expertise of Pretty Good Knowledge.

The Academy transfers the knowledge of the Decision Intelligence framework to provide a solid context within which data experts are able to contribute to your organisational mission and goals.

The standard curriculum is a week-long immersive experience.  Custom versions of the Academy, or specific modules, can be delivered on demand.

Knowledge by Design.

Our Automated Decision Intelligence Architecture (ADIA) is the body of knowledge which is continuously improved with the latest techniques and methods in the market.

Meaningful: focusing on and protecting your most valuable data

Measurable: quantification of the performance of risks, costs and value created

Scalable:   real-time business-rule driven automation for control and scalability

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