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About Us

Pretty Good Knowledge is a young company with a long history.  We bring together decades of experience in discovering knowledge from data and combine this with the latest techniques and technologies in data science.

We provide advisory services with a cross-functional team of experts in order to co-create specific use cases to educate and benefit your organisation.

The result we work toward is for your team to have ownership of the system, the knowledge of what was implemented and how to improve it moving forward.  Our preference is reuse existing technologies in your company where possible.

The solution we will co-create with your organisation is based on three perspectives:

1. Business process: improvements to the operational work flow of your organisation to have confidence and control of the data required to achieve your business goals,

2. Advanced analytics: using various techniques, such as Artificial Intelligence, to optimise and automate the data management processes and enhance your data exploitation capabilities, and

3. Data sources: identifying existing and new data sources in order to discover new and innovative insights to improve your business performance.

Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe are co-founders of Pretty Good Knowledge and are active contributors to our services.

In the late 1990’s, their small team in the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States created a highly efficient solution to achieve real-time processing of all global communications and provided fast filtering to relevant intelligence analysts.

They have worked on various commercial projects in the US to deploy the method, and have launched Pretty Good Knowledge to bring this approach to European public and private sectors.

A GOOD AMERICAN is a documentary about their experience as whistle-blowers after the US misused the systems they created.  It was released in 2015 to wide critical acclaim.  Oliver Stone praised the film as, “Powerful film – a prequel to SNOWDEN.”

See the official movie website here.  Click here to subscribe to receive PGK news and view the movie online.

Automating Decision Intelligence Workshop

Automating Decision Intelligence Workshop

The next frontier of analytics is prescriptive - automated decision making.  Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe will introduce the 'Automated Decision Intelligence Architecture' (ADIA) they have developed with their colleagues at Pretty Good Knowledge.The ADIA principles and...

CIO Day 2017

CIO Day 2017

Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe of Pretty Good Knowledge welcomed their long time friend and colleague, Diana Roark, to present at the CIO Day 2017 conference in Amsterdam.  Together, they also met with and advised various companies on their data governance, security and...

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